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Claims handling procedure (liability for defects, warranty, claims)

The Seller is liable for defects of services and the Buyer is obliged to raise any claim with the Seller without delay, in line with these General Terms and Conditions.

Unless services are provided in a due manner or contain defects, the Buyer will have the right to raise claim with the Seller, in its place of operation, by filling the form for raising claim and delivering it to the Seller. The Buyer is obliged to precisely designate the type and scope of defects of goods in the form.

The Buyer is obliged to claim defects of services with the Seller without undue delay after they are provided and, if they are not provided at all, of the day when they are supposed to be provided.

The day of raising the claim is also deemed as the beginning of the claims handling procedure.

The Seller will, on the day of receiving the claim, provide the Buyer with a certificate of receiving the claim in a suitable format that will be determined by the Seller.

Due to the nature of services provided by the Seller, the Seller will remove claimed defects of services by providing substitute services or in the form of a discount of the purchase price. In cases when it is not possible to remove defects of services by providing substitute services, neither in the form of a discount, the Buyer will be entitled to the return of the purchase price.

The Seller is obliged to provide the Buyer with a written document about handling of the claim no later than on the 30th day of the day of raising the claim.

Handling of the claim will only apply to defects specified in the form for raising claim.